We have three indoor football pitches in Dubai’s first air-conditioned dome + two outdoor pitches. Our 4G FIFA approved pitches ensure the highest playing performance for professional-level football and international matches. The dome also has a higher concentration level of pure oxygen so that players can play comfortably for a longer period of time whilst being in the perfect indoor climate.
Our air-conditioned domes and outdoor pitches provide a fantastic environment for coaching and playing football in. Both indoor and outdoor pitches have impeccable lighting design focused on achieving the perfect luminosity level, uniformity, glare and fixture placements to enhance the overall experience of players. The world class temperature-controlled facility provides an experience for athletes unlike any other place in Dubai.

We have 4G FIFA approved pitches that have shock-pads that reduce the likelihood and impact of injuries, making it safe and suitable for all sorts of activities.

Koora Dome is Built by Hadir Projects, the market leader in building sport facilities.

Shower and changing rooms

Koora Dome provides changing rooms with full shower facilities. We also provide free lockers that are available to all of our customers to store their belongings while playing football.


Free parking spaces are available to all of our visitors in the facility and is conveniently located right next to our indoor and outdoor pitches.

Indoor 5v5

Outdoor 5v5

Indoor 9v9

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